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Posted by Nick Pine on October 24, 2004, 1:51 pm

And we often get into discussions about health and furniture, vs energy,
and forget that caulking a house (vs humidification) can raise the indoor
RH while SAVING on fuel bills.


Posted by Joel M. Eichen on October 24, 2004, 3:43 pm

Humidifier ........ or a pot of water on the wood stove!

Posted by Oscar_Lives on October 24, 2004, 9:37 pm
 Your assumptions are wrong.

They used to think that the earth was flat, too.

Posted by nicksanspam on October 24, 2004, 10:08 pm

Pray do explain further.

Posted by Hagrinas Mivali on October 25, 2004, 12:42 am

Oscar_Lives wrote:

When did HVAC people used to think that the earth was flat?  That's just
another one of those lies you were taught in grammar school.

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