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Re: Using deep well water fro cooling / heating & other ideas

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Posted by N. Thornton on September 29, 2004, 11:02 am
energy_freak@ultimateemail.com (energy_freak) wrote in message

you definitely need to post this to alt.solar.thermal. The expertise
there is well beyond what it is here on this topic.

thats doable if you discharge the well water back into the well. Water
tends to stratify, so discharge warmed water to the top, and take cold
from the bottom.

Dont overloook earth pipes as well, theyre simple and will give you
lots of extra capacity. You can heat exchange the pipe output to avoid
any damp issues.

Might be more logical to keep the well water to a separate circuit and
design it to work with the scaling and corrosion issues. Ie avoid iron
and steel, use an air separator, and add valves to enable you to flush
the system with acid if its ever needed. Plastic plumbing is not so

All electric heaters are 100% efficient. I missed why you wanted to
use one though.

For cooling, good. I would look at earth pipes as well though.

absolutely the way to go, had great success with that. Proper control
is all important though, you need to monitor temps on each side and
have it controlled automatically for it to work well.

not if the water goes back to the well. I doubt theres any real hope
of it supplying enough if you discharge it elsewhere.

I quite agree, it affects health and comfort signficantly.

yup, but always use a differential stat, otherwise its little good.

Good. Monitor temp and RH on both sides, and ventilate plentifully
when doing so will keep the house within your chosen temperature
comfort zone, and not make it damp. You can either fan vent, or use a
larger area of natural venting, with iron bars and mesh across it for
security. Of course this eats way less energy than a big fan, but it
is more work to put in. Use a motorised vent.

I think with returning water to the well, which will be necessary, and
using a earth pipe, the above should not be an issue. It will come
more down to which takes less energy to run, and whether you ened to
run one or both.

lost me there.

You might just be able to use the cold well water for that, I dont
know. Probably not.

Obviously you dont want to bring the cold well water in in winter.
So far youve not mentioned solar flat plate space heating: this can
pay back at 25% pa and run in winter nicely.

you could, but whether thats really the right move is another
question. I would far rather see flat plate solar thermal, it would be
way better.

Well I've got one that makes lots of difference to summer cooling:
shade the whole house. White paint is far from 100% reflective, the
sun heat load on a house in summer is enormous, so shade makes a great
difference. A separate metal frame with climbing plants is ideal, or
putting climbers direct on the house is cheap.

I would also add the suggestion of temperature comfort zones and
thermal storage. Ie your night time whole house fan should continue to
run until youre at the low end of your comfort zone, then you have
lots of coolth stored in teh structuer for automatic daytime cooling.
Thats if your house is brick/block.crete, if its timber then youve got
no significant thermal storage there.

Regards, NT

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