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Re: coiling hoses without tangling them

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Posted by Slow Joe on November 7, 2003, 1:42 pm

It's called flaking. Just ask any local sailor to show you how to
flake a line.


It matters not how experienced you are, nor how dedicated to the task. If you're
not having fun, you are doing it wrong.

Posted by Dale Farmer on November 8, 2003, 12:52 am

Slow Joe wrote:

    I've also heard it called over-under coil, audio coil, and figure-8 coil.
    You can also find it described in any sort of water safety instruction
book as a method of quickly tying a series of knots into a coil of rope.
ONly for our purposes, you don't pass the end through the middle and
toss the coil back out.


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