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Posted by Gary on October 10, 2004, 6:50 pm
PaPaPeng wrote:

I think you are actually talking about Urea Formaldehyde insulation,
not urethane insulation.  Todays spray in place polyurethane
insulation (e.g. Corbond) are very good both in R value and in sealing
air and water vapor leaks.  They also do not have any of the health
problems that were associated with Urea Formaldehyde.


Posted by Joel M. Eichen on October 10, 2004, 6:56 pm

I had this problem too. My dog tried to insulate the house with one
half the formula.


Posted by News on October 10, 2004, 7:30 pm

This spray-in stuff is frown upon in the Uk.  It prevents timbers from

Posted by nicksanspam on October 10, 2004, 12:25 pm

And the size of the house and how many bodies use electrical energy indoors.
At some point, with more and more insulation and airtightness, the internal
heat gain will remove the need for a furnace, even on cloudy days.


Posted by News on October 9, 2004, 11:53 pm

Calculated at today's fuel prices.  If fuel rises dramatically the heavy
insulation then would be worth it.  A house may have a 100 years plus
lifespan.  Over the life the heavy insulation pay for itself.

Anyone who seals up a house is a fool.  They need ventilation. Controlled
ventilation NOT incidental ventilation.  They are very different.  See
http://www.bedzed.org.uk/   The ventilation is stack ventilation.  The
building are very much air tight.  Air only goes where it was designed to go
and at rates it was designed to.

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