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Posted by gardenlen on January 8, 2007, 6:58 pm
yes i can't see why a small country like australia has this big push
on to get rid of what are modern coal fired power stations when china
is going to increase their units from around 300 to around 600 and
then they will still be buying the coal we don't use (bet the 300 they
ahve now aren't modern).

all this while we pay the price at the meter for expensive nuclear and
the feel good measures pushing for those super expensive solar/wind
generation (ugly wind and panel farms where there should be habitat).
reckon we are going to creat a section of our society who simply won't
be able to afford to pay the price.

With peace and brightest of blessings,


"Be Content With What You Have And
May You Find Serenity and Tranquillity In
A World That You May Not Understand."


Posted by I. R. Heller on January 9, 2007, 9:55 am

. . .  as proven by your own statements.


Hello NG:
let me send my former contribution to this thread, which was returned,
as N9WOS is far to shy to reveal his real address, thus who should
believe an anonymous story ??
What is here the real reason for staying anonymous ??

I answered to N9. . .
" Sir, may i ask who paid you, or encouraged you to post that article ??
After my research of several years reagarding radiation poisonning
including that of Chernobyl, I find it highly irresposible of you or
the people who actually told you to post it, to spread such

With the understanding that there is no single person,
or entity (Media) who knows "everything" about any
subject, I shall comment on your article with
links to well researched information.

The nuclear weapons have been changed in size and aplicability
have been proven devastating to the whole world, not only to our

NOTE: Every single participant´s health in this recent, as well as
the last war / invasion of Iraq has been affected.
Ask any of the military hospitals.

It is, all in all, a universal tragedy that all this information has been
available since so many years, and also the participants of the
current government have been delibertately ignoring the facts.

Of course, if you do not have any children, if you are too old to care,
or if also censored by the US government, then you will ignore the
following information.
May I suggest to make the effort to read up on these articles:

Google for:   US Radiation in Iraq by Bob Nichols

Iraq Cities "Hot" with depleted Uranium (
http://www.iacenter.org/du-warcrime.htm  )

The Radiation Story no one would touch (
http://archives.cjr.org/year/94/2/radiation.asp  )

Delpleted Uranium Measured in British Atmosphere from Battlefields
in the Middle East
( http://www.mindfully.org/Nucs/2006/DU-Europe-Moret26feb06.htm  )

High Uranium levels found in Troups and Civilians
( http:/www.projectcensored.org/publications/2005/4.html )

Though there is so much more which thorough research has revealed, but
this last link kind of sums it all up.

Next question would be:
How can we all work together to help those who will have lasting
health problems, like people have after an over exposure to radiation ??

Main attention should be on health care: let us make sure that all troops,
returning from the war zones, will have unlimited healthcare available.
This ought to be a life long commitment to all participants.

Further the pharma industry needs to be encouraged to develop affordable
medicines to minimize the genetic damages, incurred by this overdoze
of radiation. - -

I. R. Heller
currently in Berlin, Germany

In another thread I gave the link information above and got as a response:

***Honestly,you are looking at natural medical facilities and
administrations methods that needed to improve.This is wholesome and
good.Look at it this way,people do pray to God for help,irrespective of the
Faith.Is it effective and really help?

Real observations and improvements on the patients after prayer cannot be
gain-say,or dismissed prayers as superstitious too quickly.

If you really want to help those who are expose to radiation,my
solution:Pray to Lord Jesus.

This man is not living in, nor is he from the United States nor in or from
Europe. - -

So much on this.
Be well,
I. R. Heller

Posted by N9WOS on January 9, 2007, 2:01 pm
Ummmm................anonymous ..............Ya Right............

Ya...... I am being paid off by Cheney and Haliburton, to misled everyone
about the true evils of radiation..... ya that's it!

From what you just posted above, i don't think your have much room to talk ,
when talking about people having a lack of information.

(Other BS snipped)

Posted by N9WOS on January 9, 2007, 6:27 pm

I have looked over a lot of the data myself, and I have found problems with
a lot of the data that you quoted. A lot of the liquidators died from other
reasons that didn't relate to the accident. When you get so many people in a
group, you will have a base level amount of deaths (noise level). They
counted anyone that died while on the workforce, as Chernobyl caused. Even
if they got drunk after work, and ran off the road while driving home.

And I have already mentioned about the basic fault in the information they
are using to derive the "cancer deaths"

I have become pessimistic when reading stuff that most people put out in
regard to Chernobyl. They have a tendency to skew the numbers to match what
they think they should be.

There is almost no solid evidence to back up what they say.

A lot of the "sickness" they talk about is caused by heavy metal poisoning,
and fear induced ailment. Or basically the placebo effect. The constantly
fear the "invisible killer". Any symptom is over exaggerated, and general
stress causes degrading health.

People that live in areas where there is a lot more radioactive material in
the landscape, and higher background radiation than the Chernobyl area, do
not show similar effects, because they don't Know it's there. So the placebo
effect can't take place.

A person's fear of something can be detrimental to his health, even if what
he is fearing has no capability of hurting him.

The placebo effect is well documented in many areas, and explains a lot of
the "sickness"

Posted by I. R. Heller on January 9, 2007, 10:33 pm
 Hallo N9...
Have you told the children of Chernobyl of your theory and
your findings ??
They might be so happy to find out that they do actually not
have thyroid cancer, etc. Never mind those adults, who always
let themselves be talked into any dis-ease.
Go, google for the various addresses of the orgs which are
trying to help those who are just imagining to be affected by
the radiation aftermath and put them straight.
When those children all turn out to be healthy after all
and you have proven the medical profession to have made
yet another mistake, I am convinced you will get nominated for
the next Nobel prize for medicine or such.
Good luck.
Be well,

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