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Posted by N9WOS on January 10, 2007, 3:16 am


Belyakov also has to admit that the reaction to the radiation threat seems
to be worse than the actual radiation threat to the liquidators.

And he also mentions many factors that confound the accuracy of the data.

Posted by N9WOS on January 11, 2007, 12:12 am


New epidemiological data analyzed during the UNSCEAR session in April 2001
indicate that all cancer incidence rates among the exposed Belarusian
population (recovery operation workers, evacuees from 20-km zone and persons
resettled) are lower than that in the general population (standardized
incidence ratio, SMR, in 1999 ranging from 0.299 to 0.941). Similar results
were found in the Russian residents of contaminated areas and evacuees from
the 30-km zone (SMR in 1994-1997 ranging from 0.65 to 0.83).

The number of thyroid cancers (about 1800) in the severely contaminated
areas of the three affected countries, is considerably greater than expected
based on previous knowledge. The high incidence and the short induction
period are unusual. Other factors may be influencing the risk (1). The
increase in the number of thyroid cancers in children and some adults is
very likely due to a screening effect. The normal incidence of "occult"
thyroid cancers that, while not causing any visible clinical disturbance,
are histologically malignant and aggressive, is very high in most countries.
They are usually discovered in the course of post mortem pathological
examination or an imaging study. The autopsy prevalence of occult thyroid
cancer in various countries ranges from 4.5% to 36% (12, 13). These numbers
should be compared with the highest incidence of thyroid cancer recorded in
the highly contaminated areas of three countries. The highest incidence of
0.027% appeared in the Bryansk region of Russia, where the average thyroid
dose in children was 37 mGy. The highest incidence in Belarus of 0.018% was
found in Gomel region (thyroid dose 177 mGy), and in Ukraine of 0.005% in
Kiev region (thyroid dose in eight districts plus Pripyat 37 mGy) of 0.005%
(1). The incidence does not seem directly proportional to thyroid dose.

An indication that the increased incidence rate of thyroid cancers in the
three affected countries is an effect of screening comes from new
epidemiological data presented at the 2001 session of UNSCEAR. A similar
increase of risk as for thyroid cancers was found for lymphatic leukemia, a
disease known as not being caused by ionizing radiation. Also among the
recovery operation workers, subject to intensive screening, exposed between
August and December 1986, i.e. after more than ten half-lives of iodine-131,
when its level in air, water and food was already near zero, the risk of
thyroid cancer incidence increased similarly as in children in the highly
contaminated areas of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.
............End quote.............



The things we fear the most are the things which we do not comprehend: AIDS
epidemic, mad cows and humans disease, depleted uranium shells, nuclear
warhead rockets in California (even while they are not yet deployed there),
nuclear power plants in general and consequences of nuclear reactor
explosion in Chernobyl in particular. And probably that is why so many of us
expect only bad news from Chernobyl; we are eager for the worst information,
even if totally untrue. Although the Soviet Union, which obstructed honest
survey and examination of Chernobyl site, ceased to exist some years ago,
although since some time the scientists protest against winding up this
Chernobyl spiral of fear, millions of people who fell victim to Chernobyl
bluff still want to believe that "Chernobyl was one of the worst disasters
of 20th century", that "because of the explosion thousands of people were
killed and millions were harmfully irradiated," that "each year, as a
consequence of the Chernobyl explosion, tens of thousands babies are born
crippled", that practically "each of us, any time, may become a victim of
Chernobyl, i.e. contract some mysterious disease caused by Chernobyl
radiation." In fact, the explosion in Chernobyl nuclear reactor does not
represent one of the worst tragedies of 20th century! - as we show in the
leading article of this issue, "Chernobyl - the biggest bluff of the 20th
century." The explosion in nuclear reactor in Chernobyl killed 30 people and
in addition 134 people from the nuclear power plant (NPP) personnel and
emergency squads have been exposed to very high ionizing radiation doses
after which they developed acute radiation sickness. On the other hand, the
inhabitants of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus have been exposed to radiation
doses which have had almost no effect on their health. They do not suffer
more often from leukemia, nor give birth to more children with genetic
defects - as demonstrate the authors of the recent UNSCEAR (United Nations
Scientific Committee on Effects of Atomic Radiation) report. Who will now
believe them? Who will believe 142 prominent experts who prepared the
UNSCEAR report? In terms of the number of victims, the Chernobyl accident -
as has been proved - gives way to many others: toxic gas release in Bhopal
in India accounts for about 15 000 deaths; coal dust explosion in Honkeiko
mine in China killed nearly 1 600; explosion of fertilizer in Texas and the
explosion in chemical plant in Oppau in Germany killed half a thousand each;
and the accident in biological and chemical weapons plant in Novosibirsk
killed 300 people! "Belief is a certitude without evidence" - stated Henri
Frederic Amiel, Swiss philosopher. And if some evidence contradicts the
belief, than - in most cases - so much worse for this evidence. Of course -
for some time. Because - fortunately - it is possible to deceive all for
some time, and to deceive some for all time, but it is impossible to deceive
all infinitely. In the history of global psychoses and of global bluffs
which start off some of them, the Chernobyl bluff being now unmasked surely
will occupy a prominent place - also in terms of losses which it caused
setting back the development of nuclear power. Professor ukasz Turski
states this plainly: "If the atmosphere around nuclear power programs,
shaped also by the mythological treatment of the Chernobyl accident, would
not change rapidly, than in a few decades freezing humanity will
frenetically start building nuclear power plants. And then we shall have
real cause for fear, because those plants will be build hurriedly and

...............End quote............


It turns out that scaring people to death may be more than a figure of
..............End quote...........

Posted by N9WOS on January 9, 2007, 9:22 pm


A little typo.
That should read.
....which will yield lifetime exposure levels totaling up to hundreds
of Rads....

And here is another good PDF about people exposed to cobalt 60 in Taiwan.


Posted by PagCal on January 9, 2007, 9:22 am

ekrubmeg wrote:

China can be easily stopped. Just add a VAT/Carbon tax for everything
they import into the US that was made using this old technology.

Posted by ekrubmeg on January 9, 2007, 11:53 pm
 Can't do that Peg.   China is buying our treasury notes, our debt.
What your talking about is cutting off funds for the war, the
government, all those politicians retirement.   They would sooner the
ice cap melt.
PagCal wrote:

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