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Posted by N. Thornton on August 29, 2004, 9:31 pm
nicksanspam@ece.villanova.edu wrote in message

thats not so hard actually, the 120v. I've no idea what it would cost
to import one, but more significantly our 50Hz tends to roast your
60Hz motors.

The fans in the sheds (stores) are not of acceptable quality, from
either noise or fire risk point of view. Certainly I could buy them at
20 a piece, but theres no point installing something everyone
complains about and wont use, and which is a fire risk. Unfortunately
the decent ones are a lot more money.

Well... have already tried an unfanned version of this, and the
cooperation just isnt there, so it doesnt work. Works great when
people cooperate, but you know what its like...

Seems like every idea theres some kinda block with :( Oh and the whole
house fan, the only location it could go theres something in the way
that cant be moved! Life :/ The only option this leaves me with that I
can see is one fan per room, with the attic having its own fan and not
connected with the rest of the house. Unfortunately it means a lot of
pricey fans, a lot of holes and a lot of chasing and wiring. I dont
like that.

Regards, NT

Posted by WMFisher40 on August 27, 2004, 4:31 pm
I've had good success this summer with the old standby method
of opening both the upstairs and downstairs windows early in the
morning, then closing them when the air stops moving.

The air inside has to be hotter than the air outside for this to work
(say 75 F inside & 68 F outside).  I've found that it takes about 5 F
difference to have a noticeable effect.

My A/C bill for July was about half of what it was last year, when
I was younger & dumber.

 - Bill F.

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