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Posted by daestrom on December 24, 2004, 1:30 am

I've been working on my own one-wire house monitoring system.  What do you
use for a supplier?  Most of the ones I've tried talk about back-orders and
limited stock.  Also, how do you mount your surface mount stuff?  Anything
special there?

Got a bunch of temp sensors, quad A/D's and 8-channel digital inputs (with
AC photo-isolators).  An old PC with a com port is my 'datalogger'.


Posted by nicksanspam on December 24, 2004, 9:40 am

Sensiron seems nice. Onset and Newark seem to have them in stock. SHT7's
come with terminals on 0.1" centers. Can we string several on one twisted
pair that runs around the house? For turning things on and off, X-10 (and
its new Instion(?) protocol) seems promising, with periodic readback for
greater reliability, via Smarthome.com's $7.99 PowerLinc II, which provides
12VDC at 300 mA...

Here's one I/O list:


room air temp          (all hanging on one twisted pair?)
outdoor temp
basement temp
ceiling temp
Sun/collector temp sensor
daylight sensor
occupancy sensor
input from PC          (to download program/parameter changes)


Whole house fan on     (with a differential thermostat function)
Furnace on
AC on
basement circ fan on   (with basement heat/cool store)
mister on              (for evaporative cooling in the southwest)
partition fan on       (these two make an air-air heat exchanger)
ceiling fan on         (for room air temp control with a massy ceiling)
pump 1 on              (move warm water through ceiling fin tubes)
pump 2 on              (move cool water through ceiling fin tubes)
garage door button
lamp dimmers           (in response to daylight changes)
output to PC           (for data logging?)


Posted by pha on December 24, 2004, 4:51 pm
 Perhaps, the original intent of Sensirion was to implement the Philips
I2C protocol which would accommodate multiple SHT-71s on a 2-wire bus.

However, it is not the I2C protocol and devices are not addressable.
The clock may be shared over multiple devices, but not the data lead.
Peter H Anderson, http://www.phanderson.com

Posted by Charles Beener on December 24, 2004, 3:28 pm
    I use this site


    Most of the surface mount they mount on a small PCB for you.
  There are very fast and they only accept PayPal . That is GOOD thing.

    I data log my solar panel and my weather station.

daestrom wrote:

Posted by Sylvan Butler on December 24, 2004, 7:54 pm
And it still won't do near what a cheaper PIC 16f877 will do.  32
digital I/O lines, a handful of which can be set as analog to digital
inputs, another handful can be digital to analog outputs (PWM), 5 MIPS,
and more.

The keyboard and LCD are nice, and at those prices it might make sense
to use a found M100 for the user interface and the PIC to do the work.
But it would make a lot smaller and more reliable and easier to
reproduce controller if you just put a normal LCD and a few buttons on
the PIC.  That's what I'd do if it were for me.  And I have a Tandy
Model 100 sitting in the closet...


Wanted:  Omnibook 800 & accessories, cheap, working or not
sdbuse1 on mailhost bigfoot.com

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