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Posted by Anthony Matonak on December 25, 2004, 6:51 am
Sylvan Butler wrote:

The PIC might be cheaper by itself but you'll have to add in all the
other parts and labor required to make it do the job. Do you need
5 MIPS for a device that checks to see if it's sunny outside a few
times an hour? Do you need something easily reproducible if it's going
to be used (and built) only once? Why not recycle an old C64, MC10,
Coco or Adam that someone might be throwing away?


Posted by Sylvan Butler on December 27, 2004, 12:01 am

Actually with the PIC you typically have to add less parts and labor,
because more is built into the PIC than comes with the old computer.

See my first paragraph again.  Compare what comes with the PIC to what
comes with your old _____ computer.

The PIC has more of everything, except user interface.

No, but if it is free, why not?  (You can run most modern PICs anywhere
from 32khz (8000 IPS) to 20MHz (5,000,000 IPS), your choice.)  Maybe
you'll decide it can do something else for you.

Need?  No.  Would it be useful and/or a good thing?  yes.

  * reliablity
  * energy usage
  * size
  * functionality
  * availablity
  * easier to build
  * easier for others to reproduce or build upon your work

Wanted:  Omnibook 800 & accessories, cheap, working or not
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