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Posted by trader4 on April 16, 2007, 1:41 pm

Flaire wrote:

Complete BS.  Pay attention to how fast consumers are adopting new
Products come out and within a few years, they are everywhere.   There
are lots of
people who would jump on a home that could be 100% solar and built
if it were really possible and practical.

Well, Duh!    I guess that's why we have cell phones and Ipods.
Funny though
I don't see these close to 100% solar energy inexpensive homes being
built in NJ
or anywhere else.   If it's such a damn fine idea, why don't you and
Nick go do it
and get rich?

No, I just think a certain clown that posts here from time to time
with loads of equations
and no practical common sense does it to impress.   I guess
that point went over your head.

Posted by Goedjn on April 16, 2007, 4:05 pm
On 16 Apr 2007 06:41:07 -0700, trader4@optonline.net wrote:

Flaire wrote:

Posted by Derek Broughton on April 15, 2007, 5:00 pm
 trader4@optonline.net wrote:

It isn't widely done, because (a) while inexpensive, it isn't _without_
cost.  People buy cheap.  Never mind if they can save money in just a
couple of years, they won't pay the cost up front.  (b) where's the free
market?  I have a friend who has been building homes getting 50-70% solar
heating (for the same price as similar sized homes in the area) for 30
years now.  He's an engineer and an architect, and he _still_ has to fight
building inspectors at every turn who tell him that his systems won't work,
can't work and are illegal besides.  Another architect I know is trying to
get a development approved for St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia, which will
involve homes with no fossil-fuel heating systems - solar heat & waste heat
from appliances with deep-rock storage, with a target of making them _less_
than market price.  She's been at it for years, but is blocked by people
like you who say it can't be done.

Posted by Solar Flaire on April 16, 2007, 12:20 am
 Many projects of this style have been attempted over the years all
with failure as a result.

SO far, it hasn't been fesible with reasonable costs and no resistance
by building standard people.

I remember a big green home built in Mississaga, Ontario back in the
late 70s having an open house. One of the audience asked where the
vertical axis windmill in the artists's conception drawing was. The
reply?..It cost more than it would generate in a human's lifetime and
was left out.

Even today PV is totally impractical where grid power is available. In
Canada, my system cost me under $0K and I got most at a discount. I
will break even, at today's rate, in 70-80 years. verdict? A fun toy.
This is not "inexpensively". Logically it is a waste of money.

BTW: "Inexpensively" is a relative term and has no absolute value.
Thanx Nick...LOL

Posted by Anthony Matonak on April 16, 2007, 12:04 am
 Solar Flaire wrote:

Many times "green" homes are over-hyped and under-designed.
This doesn't mean that solar heating doesn't work but rather
that there are a lot of dishonest salesmen and poor home
"Designers" out there in the world and the give the rest a
bad name.

If the building site didn't have very good wind resources then any
kind of wind turbine would be uneconomical. Most people don't like
to build in places that are exceptionally windy so few homes have
good wind resources.

Today PV is practical where grid power is not available. This means
you can build a house places where you couldn't before without the
noise and cost of a generator. Besides, I've seen people spend more
than $0K on sports cars, off-road trucks and the like. I can think
of a lot worse ways to spend $0K than to buy 50+ years of power.


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