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Posted by David L. Jones on October 6, 2005, 3:02 am
schooner wrote:

I looked at the felt for my design but gave it the flick because of
potential toxicity concerns. What happens when it heats up?, what
potentially harmful toxins does it release? I doubt anyone really knows
for sure.
I for one was not willing to take the chance, so I designed an
all-aluminium solution. The entire airflow path, including the ducting
is aluminium, all sealed with neutral cure silicon designed for air-con
systems. That was the only way to guarantee a zero-toxicity system.

My design can be easily modified to add an extra channel running to the
I plan on getting it published in (hopefully) the next issue of ReNew
magazine. Full details will also go on my website when I get it up and

Yes it does, sorry, I'm in Australia, doesn't get quite that low here!
Suck it and see though. If you've got a big collector with a long
thermal path and efficient coupling then it might not be a major

When it comes to solar collectors, total airflow rate is the #1
concern. Too little and you won't heat your room at all, too much and
the collector cannot transfer the heat quick enough. No point pumping
out 50degC air if the airflow rate is low!
Ducting is bad news, reduce it wherever possible. Total ducting length
also includes the collector itself too.
A bigger fan and/or more fans in series will help greatly. Larger
diameter ducting will decrease the total resistance.

I'm pretty new to it all too, but after just designing and building my
own collector I've learned an aweful lot! Good fun too.
The Cansolair unit looks interesting, should be low toxicity too with
its use of aluminium.

Dave :)

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