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Solar Collector Size to Tank Size Ratio

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Posted by carneyke on March 30, 2006, 12:41 pm
Good Morning All,
Is there a formula / rule of thumb on how many gallons of water in the
collector to the size of  the storage tank ? For instance, I've picked
up a 35 gallon heat exchanger tank and can adjust my collector size by
adding more coils of black pipe. I think my collectors can handle about
6 coils of pipe, each coil holds 1 gallon of water. I don't know wether
to use fewer coils in the collector or the maximum of 6. Any ideas ?
Thanks, Kevin

Posted by DJ on March 30, 2006, 6:06 pm

If they're commercial collectors, yeah ;-).

I take it this is plastic piping?

Lots. But, first, what are you using this for? Pool heating, domestic
hot water?

As it is, the rules of thumb are right out the window; they don't
generally apply to home-built gear ;-).
Have you got a temperature differential controller, or a temperature
meter on the setup?

Basically, you want to heat the water in the storage tank to the
temperature you use for your heating needs, maybe a little hotter.
So, if the water is colder than optimal, you either need to add
collectors, or reduce the size of the tank (heating less water). As
well, you add in the variable of just how much hot water you are using
in a day, the throughput.

And would it be a good guess to say there is a pressure relief system
in the coils?

And is this a drainback, or a pressurized system?


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