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Solar Pannels vs. HOA regulations - Page 2

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Posted by Christian Kaiser on September 30, 2005, 7:21 pm
I feel lucky when I read about these problems. Here in Germany this is no
topic, unless you live in old, protected areas (protection of historic
monuments etc).

My collectors are faced to the street:
http://www.invest-tools.com/pub/Kollektoren_an_Hausfront.jpg  - beauty is a
relative subject (I like it, as I'm very technically and ecologically
oriented, but I know others don't - well, I don't care about them) :)


Posted by wmbjk on September 30, 2005, 9:22 pm

Very nice. It almost looks like the vines are attracted to the

You should feel lucky about your country not being afflicted with
HOAs. They do have a valid purpose in assigning quasi-governmental
control over neighborhood issues to those who live in the
neighborhood. But even the smallest amounts of "power" can corrupt,
and the volunteers who run HOA's are often far less qualified to serve
than even FEMA's "Brownie". In an effort to limit the number of
arguments that stem from our tendency to sign up to commitments we
can't be bothered to keep (or even read sometimes), the organizations
resort to codifying the most ridiculous details. For example - because
in the past someone violated a vague rule that put a limit on perhaps
"excessive" vehicle parking, the new rule will dictate not only
exactly how many vehicles may be parked where and when, but which way
they face as well. It's definitely out of control in some places, and
that's just one more good reason to live off-grid IMO.


Posted by Christian Kaiser on October 1, 2005, 3:09 pm
 It's not vine - it's a  glyzinie (I hope babelfish is right here...).
Actually it already went that way on a wire, which I had to remove for the
collectors. But the birds immediately had a nest behind the collectors in
that plant... ;-)

I know something like the HUA too, but they are neither volunteers (but
authorities - I don't know whether it's better though), but there are local
laws more or less detailed about the things I can do with the house, it
varies locally. The less the better. In my place they regulate the house
height, roof type, -inclination and -color, and that I may not have
'dormer-ventilator' (oops, babelfish, sounds not correct...), but that's
more or less it. Nothing really restricting.

Usually, in older areas, there's nothing special, which means basic building
laws apply (in regards to distance to the neighbor, ...). Newer ones tend to
become unified. The more laws, the more boring an environment is. Why the
same roof color? I don't know, but I can accept. Now even someone cheated
here (shining red instead of the usual matt roofing tiles, and a different
red... :)), but as long as no-one complains, that's OK.

And as for other details, it's often better to just do it and pay the fee
(if there ever is one) than to apply...


PS: Such a newsgroup is really interesting, I would never know such details
about the US if I never lived there...

Posted by daestrom on October 2, 2005, 12:08 am

And we too learn some things about others such as yourself.  And that's a
good thing.


Posted by Bob Runte on October 5, 2005, 4:44 am
 Hi - a question for Christian.

I am a novice at solar heating.  May I ask, what do you power with the
panels you show in your picture, and how does your latitude compare with
that of Chicago or Milwaukee in the US?



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