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Solar Pool Heater Question

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Posted by Craig Davis on September 21, 2006, 5:04 am
I live in Central Texas and want to heat a 12' W X 28' L  X 4' 4" D exercise
pool for year around use as economically as possible.  I have the roof of a
24' X 45' RV barn located next to the pool available for solar collectors.
The sides of the barn face North and South and have no shade. Can I maintain
84 degrees F in the winter using solar heat if I use a cover for the pool?
Would I need a booster heat source for cold snaps? Thanks in advance for any
information you can provide.

Posted by Blue Cat on September 21, 2006, 12:43 pm



I live in the Miami area of Florida and have a commercially installed solar
pool heater. The pool is about 20 X 20 feet with a depth raging from 3 to 6
feet. The heater occupies about 25 X 20 feet of roof space. Pool temperature
in the winter is around 80  to 85 degrees F on sunny days, but drops off
during cloudy days and cold snaps. Since heating with gas is expensive, I
have not considered any booster heat. A cover will help retain heat. I think
central Texas can have freezing weather, you should have to consider
draining the system when a freeze is forecast.

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