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Posted by Alysa on February 28, 2008, 5:23 pm
On Feb 25, 11:23 am, david.willi...@bayman.org (David Williams) wrote:

I agreed that this didn't sound realistic in any way to me either that
all the heat would leave the pool this quickly.  The pool is pretty
big  35' long & 12' wide shallow on both sides @3.5' & 6' in the
middle. I just wasn't sure how realistic a 85 degree temperature even
was honestly.  I know I have a 7 month old so I hope to keep it
reasonably warm so he will want to be in the pool too.  He is taking
swimming lessons now so I bought a pool thermometer & have taken the
temp to get an idea between when I think it is a little too cool
versus warm.  I have been suprised that the pool is actually much
warmer at 94 than I would have guessed but it is inside.  The pool
company said it would feel different inside.  Also went to our amenity
center pool which is outside (it was sunny that day but only 73
degrees outside) and it was 88 and didn't feel much different to me
than the 94 degree pool.  The cost difference to go solar over the
price of the heat pump is about $000 so it is not a big deal at all,
from what I calculated it will take me a very short time to eat up
$000 with a heat pump.  The pool builder just disagreed with me and
felt my calculations were way off when he gave me the figure of only
needing to heat it for 4 months and he insisted that the heat pump
didn't need to run that often.  I would much rather have solar for a
higher initial cost than to use a heat pump at all.  This is when I
figured it might be a good idea to get some thoughts from people who
might be able to give me a real opinion on solar, tried asking some
neighbors but most really didn't have enough knowledge to give me a
real opinion that was useful.

Thanks for giving me your experience,


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