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Solar Turbine project

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Posted by marcin_ose on June 16, 2008, 1:46 am

Please look at an update on the public domain Solar Turbine and Factor
e Farm update. We're at a critical decision fork where we are trying
to figure out a proven heat engine, running on steam, for our Solar
Turbine project. We aim to produce the world's first open source,
replicable, scalable solar electric system. Please read our blog
discussion on the project - and give us feedback if you have any
proven ideas that may work as far as the heat engine that we should

http://openfarmtech.org/weblog/?p $

You should be aware that part of the design for replicability is the
use of water as the working fluid. Furthermore, we are using a linear
(scalable) solar collector. We are calculating 3 kW of electric power
generation from a 40x10 foot solar array - or 8% overall efficiency -
in the first prototype. Please forward any knowledgeable people on to
this work - and let's all be part of the peer-to-peer energy
revolution. We have a team assembling here August 15 to do the
collectors, collector tube - and if all goes well - we'll have the
heat engine ready as well.


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