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Posted by atec on June 13, 2004, 11:38 pm

Gary wrote:

 All in one unit made by Solarhart ( AU) on the roof , tank is about 2
meter's long and .75 M in dia  
 2 meter square collectors in what appears to be glass , tank seems to
be stainless with black plastic end caps , I don't know if there is a
pump , during the summer its fine , we had a couple of days at 42.8 deg
C air temp and the out put was over 85 deg C , I can off course run the
booster but I don't see why we should seeing its meant to work much
better Im sure .
 Thanks for taking the time , Im spending the day being Queens birthday
spreading wool based insulation in the roof ( lots of fun)

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Posted by Gary on June 14, 2004, 3:07 am
atec wrote:

Looks like a nice unit.
Its a thermosyphon, meaning that there is no pump.  An antifreeze
solution in the collector part heats up when the sun is on the
collector.  Natural convection circulates this antifreeze solution up
the collector tubes, around the tank jacket, and back to the bottom of
the collector. Circulation stops automatically when there is no solar
heat to drive it.

Based on what SolaHart says on their website, I think you may be getting
pretty near normal service out of it.  Among other things, they say that
on cold days, the unit will raise the water temperature to about twice
the outside air temperature -- seems like this matches your experience
pretty well.  The energy saving curves they offer (which depend on which
unit and where you are) seem to average about 50% saving  in the winter
months, and approaching 100% saving in the summer.  Even thou the unit
may not be able to reach "showering" temperature in the winter, it is
still saving energy by preheating the water part way.

They have a nice down loadable software package called SCF which
estimates your energy saving based on what kind of unit you have, and
where you are.  It also allows you to take into account things like the
collector tilt angle, orientation, etc.   I tried it for Longreach
(somewhere in QueensLand?), and it seemed to come in around 50% saving
depending on which unit you use.  Quite a nice piece of software.  If
you can download this, and try it for your unit and location, it should
give you some idea if you are getting the predicted savings.

They also have a down loadable manual for the thermsyphon heaters that
would be worth getting.  There are some maintenance items to take care
of in the 5 year area.


Posted by atec on June 14, 2004, 4:02 am

Gary wrote:

 Very helpful . thank you
 Lonreach is about 12 to 14 hours drive from here>west  nor west, its
land locked and semi arid  total rain fall per annum is such when the
drought breaks ( yes its in drought) there will be children who have
never seen rain up to age 5 years or so , cold as in winter and commonly
40+ in summer. ( they have a great country and western hall of fame for
AU artists)

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