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Posted by Adrian Brentnall on September 1, 2004, 9:33 pm
HI Neil

Good point - I guess another advantage of the LM35's would be that
you can easily hang a DVM on them and actually 'see' what temperature
they are reading while seting up / calibrating the unit........

Now where did I put those LM35's ....?

Suffolk UK

Posted by Adrian Brentnall on August 23, 2004, 7:26 am

Thanks for that - I'll give them a try....

Suffolk UK

Posted by manuka on September 17, 2004, 10:17 pm
 Adrian - you seem pretty electronics "hands on", but have you
considered using a cheap microcontroller instead of less versatile
discrete components etc ?  The UK sourced PICAXE darlings would lap up
applications like this !
They're cheap (start GB 1 pound), powerful, PC interface for data
logging & tweaking & the high level editor is free. They easily "read"
thermistors & even DS18B20s. See sample NTC thermistor datalogger
program => www.picaxe.orcon.net.nz/data08m.bas & breadboard layout =>
 Most UK schools now have STRONG Picaxe skills. Visit =>www.picaxe.com

Stan. in NZ

Posted by Adrian Brentnall on September 18, 2004, 6:53 am
 Hi Stan
Thanks for the comments

On 17 Sep 2004 15:17:52 -0700, manuka@orcon.net.nz (manuka) wrote:

I've used computers & microcontrollers all my working life - but was
avoiding the temptation to use a sledgehammer to crack this particular
walnut <g>.

 I do have a couple of the STAMP micros sitting around here - I guess
I could press one of those into service - but I was looking for a
'low-tech' solution.

 I think, for starters, it'll be the 2 x LM35 sensors and an op-amp to
do the comparating - I have a built-up circuit that's working with
1N4001's as sensors - and swapping the diodes for the LM35's is as
quick and simple as remembering where I put the little beasties <g>

I'm sure that I'll get into 'microcontrollers around the house' before
too long - but, just now, with winter approaching, there are a couple
of 'more important' jobs to be completed (or so I'm told <g>)....

I take it you are a 'PICAXE' enthusiast ?
I keep seeing reference to these little microcontrollers in the Ham
radio magazines - but, so far, have resisted the urge to actually use
any of them in projects..... have just spent a few minutes browsing
the revolution website - these chips really are cheap, aren't they ?

...when I used to get paid for writing software the nearest thing we
had to a PIC was a largish boards with a Texas 9900 (or 99000 in later
years) and a bundle of support chips - programmed in assembler (which
I always found to be a bit of a pain!)

I understand that the modern chips can be programmed in high-level
languages - this might make it seem less of a 'chore' !
Getting lazy in my old age <g>

Thanks again for the suggestions
Suffolk UK

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