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Solar in Utah

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Posted by asque20853 on December 17, 2007, 12:29 am
Does anyone have any experience with the MDS (modified drip system)
panels shown at
http://www.jc-solarhomes.com/MTD/mtd_solar_collector_kit.htm  ?  Just
looking at them, they would seem to be reasonably cheap and efficient,
but appearances can be deceiving.  Projected use would be domestic hot
water in Northern Utah, 41.2N.  the collectors will be the roof of a
"lean to" garage extension and the best compromise between solar and
roof would be about 160 square ft (14.8square meters) at about 45
degrees oriented very close to true south.  Since it is a detached
building, freeze resistance is important and ideally the pump needed
could be run off a photo-electric panel.

I wish I could come up with a way to better insulate the house.  It is
4 inches brick and another 8 inches of clay tile which was used much
like concrete block would be used today.  The thermal mass helps keep
the house comfortable in summer where 20-25 degree swings (10-15C)
between day and night temperature are common, but that does not make
it easy to keep it warm in winter when it gets cold.  


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