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Solar pump and piping questions

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Posted by offgridman@cs.com on September 24, 2003, 4:26 pm
Well I am about ready to pipe up my solar hot water heater system at the
cabin. What is the longest lived DC 12 volt pump? What is the best
price/place to buy one?

I plan on using a glycol/water filled heat exchanger loop through the
solar collector and return it to a 3/4 X 1 inch homemade copper pipe
within a pipe heat exchanger using the DC pump. I have two hot water
heaters. One is a propane fueled and one is heated by passing generator
exhaust gases through it. I have the propane heater elevated off the
floor about 18 inches. The other heater is sitting on the floor. I feed
cold water into the exhaust gas heated, water heater and then
thermosipon heat into the propane heater. I have the drain valve
connection on the propane heater connected to the drain valve connection
on the exhaust gas driven heater. I have the hot outlets interconnected
between both hot water heaters.

My question is:
Where should I install the heat exchanger in this system. I was thinking
   of either interconnecting the drain valve and hot water exit fitting
on the lowest hot water heater (exhaust gas heated one) and installing
the heat exchanger that connects to the solar collector there.
Do you think this is the correct place in the system to install the heat
exchanger? If not where should it go?

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