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Posted by Neon John on January 27, 2008, 2:55 pm

You got it.  Solar lets a few smug people feel self-righteous, unjustified, of
course, and it's a huge money sink.  Actually just another middle class welfare

There's a short article on this month's Power Engineering magazine (that I think
can read online) that states that it is going to require something like 1700 MW
fast response generation to cover the unstable solar power that Ca has apparently
mandated (the article didn't go into detail on the mandate.)  That is, that much
"rotating reserve" must be available to cover for when the sun doesn't shine.
days and all that.

IFF you live in a sunny climate and IFF you're capable of doing your own work
solar water heating can nibble around the edges of your energy bill.  But you
live long enough to repay the cost of solar, even with the welfare grants, and
ignoring the impact on the grid.

John De Armond
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Tellico Plains, Occupied TN
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Posted by nicksanspam on January 27, 2008, 7:31 pm

Then again, solar house heating can be 100 times cheaper than solar electricity
per peak watt, and houses in the Northeast need about 5 times more heat energy
than electrical energy.


Posted by spaco on January 27, 2008, 5:18 pm
 What's the problem?  That's only about 2% of the earth's surface.
    And I don't have the slightest idea why you'd say that it would
increase global warming.   I'd think that all the fossil fuel you'd save
would create a new ice age or something.   The "inefficiency" of solar
pv would have nothing to do with it.

Pete Stanaiits

GeorgeB wrote:

Posted by BradGuth on January 27, 2008, 7:22 pm
 Solar derived energy is but only a sham to those trying to continually
snooker and dumbfound the rest of us village idiots, as otherwise it
is but one of several viable alternatives to our fossil fuel demise
and of have to survive those unavoidable world wars that seriously
suck and badly inflate the value of all that remains.

A coverage of just one million km2 worth of relatively cheap PV units
should more than do the trick, and that's not including multiple other
clean and renewable energy alternatives that wouldn't demand nearly as
much of a surface footprint.

On a related topic of what to do with some of that spare/surplus

It's true that a fuel-rich burn of hydrogen and air isn't all that
impressive, as well as being the case with most such fuel-rich
combustion forms of energy that'll consume a local atmosphere of
mostly cool N2.  However, it seems the "Don Lancaster" notion of a
global future of spendy energy and continued pollution via fossil fuel
usage is just the sooty and NOx toxic tip of his AGW iceberg that's
intended to stick all of us with the even more spendy and environment
polluting results of our having to fully utilize nuclear energy, of
which excludes most all those pesky 3rd world nations and especially
of those Muslim folks we don't like right off the bat, that'll have to
do without and/or starve to death because of their not affording the
bloody $000/barrel price tag of the Don Lancaster crude, or of his
equally spendy and more so polluting coal derived energy.

Essentially the Don Lancasters of Usenet and so many other public
forums are doing exactly what their ENRON and big-energy partners in
crimes against humanity expect of them, as though only their form of
Semitic warlordism and global energy domination is what counts.
Taking further notice as to how each and every rant of Lancaster
wisdom is without remorse for the past, present or future as long as
his mostly offshore energy investments and tax avoidance banking is
being stuffed with our hard earned loot, so much so that they never
have to complain about the cost of energy that's sustaining their
quality of life.

I can fully agree with the analogy/rant as to gasoline and of many
other fossil fuels being extremely dangerous from birth to grave, as
well as potentially lethal in ways often discounted by those
continually promoting their usage.  However, there is less to worry
about the making, storing and using of h2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) than
having to deal with the likes of creating compressed hydrogen or
especially that of LH2.  Unfortunately, no matters how clean and
renewable there is no such thing as any failsafe form of stored
energy, whereas most any certified moron can and will mange to
accomplish great harm to himself and others if given the opportunity.

In place of those nasty and explosive fossil fuels that typically
manage to degrade and/or pollute most everything in sight, there is in
fact more than a sufficient influx of solar, gravity/tidal and
otherwise of wind plus that cache of our own geothermal energy to do
the trick of producing H2/LH2 and h2o2, as well as cheaply enough and
clean enough to make it all work.  Unfortunately, there is no apparent
way our DOE or any other government agency is going to support the
likes of honest folks, because that's certainly not what our
government ever does.  Our government seems to like ulterior motives,
hidden agendas and of those cloak and dagger sorts of individuals in
charge of such.

However, as for the rest of us having our honest say, on behalf of
accomplishing such clean and renewable energy is always opposed by the
actions of those in Usenet and the likes of NASA's brown-nosed minions
within Uplink.Space.com as not caring about others of any faith other
than their pretend atheism that acts and/or reacts exactly as though
Old Testament Jewish, of those individuals hiding behind phony names
and extensively not caring as to however spendy energy gets, of how
polluted and AGW our environment gets nailed or of how much our
government lies to us, that are also the ones telling us that whatever
the past doesn't count and that if need be WWIII is necessary, and
that Muslim deaths simply don't ever count.

Our new and improved NASA, that for the past 8 years and counting as
having ignored all things Venus, is about to fold upon itself once
again (as you should know the 8th fold is next to impossible), and
that's before their own dumbfounded eyes of denial and evidence
exclusion, in much the same as our old NASA/Apollo fiasco that for
some odd reasons still can't be imaged from the best efforts of JAXA's
Selene (KAGUYA) as offering its 3D imaging that's of a more than
sufficient 10 meters/pixel resolution and terrific DR that's at least
4X better than film, as though our supposed "right stuff" that's so
bright and shiny upon that physically dark surface is having to
continually hide under most any available moon rock because, there's
still nothing of any such bright and shiny Apollo technology residing
upon that physically dark as coal moon of ours (unless an artificial
crater counts).

Basically our governments lie to us as regular as clockwork, and as
such they only want to do business with other born-again liars of
their own kind because, the last thing they need within their Skull
and Bones cult is someone telling us village idiots the whole truth
and nothing but the truth, such as about those clean and renewable
energy resources that can safely produce the likes of Mook hydrogen
and Guth peroxide.
. - Brad Guth

Posted by briechely on January 28, 2008, 5:58 pm
 The energy problem is solved!  All the electric power we need can be
generated with CSP (Concentrating Solar Power, also known as Solar
Thermal Power), or SEGS (solar electric generating systems).
See www.energylan.sandia.gov/sunlab/research.htm
A desert area 10 by 15 miles could provide 20,000 MW of power, while
the electricity needs of the entire US theoretically could be met by
an area 100 miles on a side. CSP is many times more efficient than
photovoltaic power.
For supplying night time power, the solar energy is stored with molten
salt technology.
See www.sandia.gov/Renewable_Energy/solarthermal/NSTTF/salt.htm
For frequently asked questions, see www.energylan.sandia.gov/sunlab/faqs.htm=

For a list of solar thermal power stations, see:
What will be much more difficult is to find replacements for the many
chemical feed stocks that fossil fuels are used for.
Bernd Riechelmann, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

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