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Posted by AstickfortheMULE on July 28, 2006, 2:41 am

the tank is 14'x8'x6'.  It abuts the icf basement.  So that is concrete
with foam on the inside of the shell.

The liner is EPDM, one flat piece, 25x30'.   Foam ICF lid, 'quad deck'.
 Lots of steel, but surrounded by sand.

The cost was probably arouind $000, but I just used the extra ICF from
my project.

The ICF is 2.5" thick, but I doubled up all the sides.

I hope that helps.  I have not put the liner in quite yet and have not
put concrete on top.


Iain McClatchie wrote:

Posted by Iain McClatchie on July 28, 2006, 5:48 am

What are you paying for ICF forms?  I looked into those around here but
got the sense they were fairly expensive.  Who was your supplier?

And what do you mean about doubling up the sides?  IIUC, ICFs are
foam inside and out, with poured reinforced concrete in the middle.
you put a layers of ICFs inside another layer of ICFs?

I have read about the quad lock ICFs before, but somehow never thought
of building a cistern with them.  Nice idea.

How are you sealing the roof?

AstickfortheMULE wrote:

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