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Solar water heater for Pool - Page 2

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Posted by NADIA BURRIDGE on January 28, 2004, 2:29 am
We are distrubutors for a products called Heliocol Solar. It is a UV
stabilized polypropylene which is guaranteed for 25 years. Why would you
waste time with substitutes when you can have the best in the world? Our
company is called Premium Pool Products and we are in Australia but our
parent company is in Florida USA. Their contact details are Heliocol -
Corporate headquarters
                13620 49th Street
                Clearwater, FL 34622

Posted by John Doe on January 29, 2004, 1:44 am
Good information, can you give me any support information on the plumbing
side of my problem?
I have an In floor cleaning system, so I think tapping into the return line
is the way to go for the heated water back TO the pool. Not sure about the
cool water TO the collector??? Check valves? Where? and what size plumbing
to the collector. Pool manifold is about 1.75 inches. Run will be about 50
feet each way with 10' up to the roof.
Input appreciated

Posted by John Doe on February 25, 2004, 2:19 am

After consideration of your diagram and other options, I chose to use the
circulating pump from the solar water heater system and completely bypass
the pool plumbing. Using a timer, I can get full output of the colector
during the time I want, or in this case whenever the sun is up. I positioned
the collector to catch sun all day in the spring, winter and fall, but it
will get much less to no sun during the summer..
I used copper all the way down to the pool side, and put 2 hose nipples on
the ends. Now when I want the heater to work I toss the hoses in the poole,
and it seems like it works fine.  I need to give it a couple weeks trial,
but I am off and running as soon as the sun starts shining in Phx.
Thanks for your input!,







Posted by SQLit on February 25, 2004, 3:30 pm
 Copper piping and chlorine are a recipe for disaster.  Good luck and watch
your plaster, the green color may not be pleasing.  Let us know on the long
term performance

Most solar systems I have seen for pools are plastic or forms of plastic.



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