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Solar water heaters - we need more rebates in Australia! - Page 2

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Posted by anthony.dunk on June 4, 2007, 10:58 am
Retrofitting is a good idea for keeping costs down, but unfortunately
the tank is leaking around the rim at the top, so I'm pretty sure its
not reusable...


Posted by Sunnyfieldtech on June 8, 2007, 10:11 pm
We are promoting retrofitting solar systems with solar panel on ebay
(#220118104433).  The key issue is technical support to guide users
for safety reason and for meeting Australian standards.  We are a
group of people, who are on solar energy for many years, and we just
want to contribute to the solar community by providing produts and
technical service with basic cost price.

To attack climate change, our view is to educate and to provide
practical support to end users, not just talking as some of our

Thanks for lee introducing us to this group.


On Jun 4, 8:58 pm, anthony.d...@gmail.com wrote:

Posted by Sunnyfieldtech on June 8, 2007, 10:27 pm
Thanks Lee, for your introducing us to this group with very
interesting and thoughtful people.  The comment we like to make is
that we have got quite number of complains from solar customers for
the item you mentioned.  The retrofitting of this item is almost a
closed loop to the cold main.  The efficiency if any would very low!

Retrofitting to solar hot tank with solar panel (such as our ebay item
220118104433) is simple but also complicated: simple, as it can be
done also most for all end users without special requirement;
complicated, as it my be different for each user.  This is the reason
we provide technical support for all our users to make sure that a
high efficiency, real low cost, a safe and trouble-free product is in

Happy solar community!


Posted by Morris Dovey on June 4, 2007, 12:57 pm
 anthony.dunk@gmail.com wrote:
|| anthony.d...@gmail.com wrote:
||| What we need is higher rebates for solar hot water in Australia.
||| If its was only twice as expensive as electric, I'd definitely go
||| for it.
|| Absolutely! Higher government subsidies for my Australian friends!
|| Eh? Higher taxes first to pay for the rebates? No problem - just
|| raise the taxes for the people getting the rebates. Seems
|| perfectly fair to me.
|| Anthony, you'll have to continue taking cold showers for about a
|| year after your tax increase. Sorry - it was the best that could
|| be done. Perhaps if you built your own you could have solar hot
|| water _and_ not need the rebate (nor pay the higher taxes needed
|| to fund the rebate) _and_ not pay to electrically heat your
|| water...
| Seriously, how many people do you expect to build their own solar
| hot water systems !? The whole point about solar hot water is to
| reduce climate change, no ? And if its in the interests of society
| as a whole - i.e. no catastrophic climate change - then why
| shouldn't society pay for people to install environmentally
| friendly technology like this through taxes ?

I don't really expect that very many will build their own - and your
reasons for switching to solar DHW are all (IMO) good ones.

My point, and it isn't a small one, is that society is _you_ (and your
neighbors) and that government money is _your_ money. Government can
only spend money from three sources: [1] taxes you (and your
neighbors) pay; [2] loans (government bonds), which allow you to pay
(in taxes) not only the principal, but the interest; and [3] money
printed to cover the additional outlay for rebates, which produces
inflation and drives up the cost of everything _else_ that you buy. Of
the three, direct taxes cost you the least.

In the long haul, it's to your advantage to _not_ collect the rebate,
to research the very best price you can find, and to solve the problem
without involving government.

For those who can build their own, the savings can be considerable.
Sometimes it's possible to find someone local (for some workable
definition of "local") who can build what you want for a good price.

Morris Dovey
DeSoto Solar
DeSoto, Iowa USA

Posted by Sunnyfieldtech on June 9, 2007, 5:38 am
We are a group of solar energy professionals, who are trying to make
an non-profit style operation on this field to promote solar energy
(just love to do it!).  Our experience is that we can have reasonably
good business on solar hot water systems in Australia, if government
can subsidize freight or transport cost!  This is particularly
important for people in small towns.  We are thinking to write to John
Howard who is representing our area.  Tony

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