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Posted by dold on June 23, 2006, 9:45 pm

Shade at noon?  That seems to expose a lot of afternoon sun.  Shade at 2pm?
What shade times do you have?

Maybe that cuts down on the winter solar heating.  It doesn't seem to.
Winter Solstice is only 27 degrees for me.

I can't plant shade trees because of the layout of the house, but I could
get away with some pergola, which would look good across the deck, and only
nominally out of place across the front door, where my wife wants some more
overhang anyway.

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley Lake, CA, USA  GPS: 38.8,-122.5

Posted by Rod Speed on June 23, 2006, 10:11 pm
dold@XReXXSolar.usenet.us.com wrote

Nope, at any time of day.

No sun at any time of the day in summer.

No it doesnt.

Yeah, I deliberately ensured that the layout of the house would allow that.

Posted by dold on June 24, 2006, 1:45 am
That would be a long eave for me.  Actually, not possible, as the sun is
visible down to the horizon in the afternoon.  It's 6:30PDT, and the sun is
still shining on the house at 1.1 degrees, according to SunCalc.

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley Lake, CA, USA  GPS: 38.8,-122.5

Posted by Rod Speed on June 24, 2006, 2:43 am
 dold@XReXXSolar.usenet.us.com wrote

6' is fine here, with the glass going down to floor level.


Its gone well past W by then here, so you still dont get any sun thru the N

Most dont realise how far S the sun gets in summer, and
I didnt either until I calculated it when designing everything.

I in fact get some sun thru the S glass in summer, very late in the day, just
before sunset, but there is a dense run of trees running right along the S side
of the house with vegetation down to the ground that means there isnt any heat.

The trees were deliberately designed to produce that effect.

See above.

Posted by dold on June 24, 2006, 5:11 am
I've paid more attention to a lot about the sun motion since I started
looking at solar.  I would incorporate some of it if I were building a
house, but there's not a lot to be done about the existing house.

I thought about azimuth as I looked out the window at the setting sun,
after making that posting.  At the elevation of 1.1, it's also at azimuth
300.  That's still shining some light on my house, facing at a 215 azimuth.
One of the pages suggests that extending the eaves isn't a practical
solution for houses more than 30 degrees off due south.  

At 3:42 pm, the temp was 107F today.  The sun was at 54 el, 255 az.
Presuming that I want to keep that light off the windows, I would need a 4
foot eave.  

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley Lake, CA, USA  GPS: 38.8,-122.5

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