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Solarwall airflow dinamics

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Posted by Javier catala on December 2, 2004, 10:34 pm
Hi all,

I am designing a house made with 3 ISO 40' shipping containers to
build next spring summer. I am planning to use the south face wall of
the house (which has  almost the shape of a cube) as a air collector
to heat a solar closet. In terms of costs, ideally, the solarwall
would be made with perforated metal sheets.

But with the information I have found i can not picture this very well
yet. I can imagine a conventional glass air collector recirculating
the air of a closet thus being effective at rising temperatures for
storage. But, regardless of the efficiency of a transpirated with no
glazing air collector, I can not picture a system using this collector
and that recirculates the air of the closet. Since this type of solar
walls take outdoors fresh air and make it warmer, is it only useful to
use when there is already another  hot air ducts heating system?

Is it possible to use coupled with a solar closet.


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