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SustainabilityForum.com Newsletter September 2007

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Posted by Fabian on October 5, 2007, 10:52 am
Dear members,
Welcome the SustainabilityForum.com September Newsletter.

For the 6th month in a row our forum has surpassed its previous
monthly registration and participation record. We now have surpassed
the 1.000 member mark and have over 1.000 sustainability discussion
topics with more then 3.000 responses. I would like to thank everyone
from this group for their interest and participation in helping to
achieve this major milestone.
To visit our forum for more:

Forum News for September:
      150+ members joined during September bringing our current total
up to around 1.020 members. And this only happened within our first 9
      Our visitor numbers keep going up by plus 10% on average. We
now receive over 5000 unique visitors per month.
      We have continued to form more partnerships with numerous
organizations but are still looking for more partnerships so please
feel free to contact me if you would be interested in playing a part
in the future development of the forum.
Some of the most popular topics in September included:
Renewable Energy: Are wind farms really that environmentally friendly?
What should we do differently?
Sustainable population: Is education key to help us more space to
provide a house and food for our ever growing population?
What about this climate skeptic Bjorn Lomberg? Why is he still so
popular? http://www.sustainabilityforum.com/forum/main-discussion-news/1154=
How should we choose to shop more responsibly?

These are our main forums, their most recent topics and direct links:
Main Discussion Forum
Sustainable Lifestyle Forum:
Climate Change Forum
Sustainable Energy Forum
Corporate Responsibility Forum
Job and Internship Forum
Thank you for your continuous support everyone and I hope to see you
in the forum during September.


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