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Posted by shawn on December 8, 2006, 2:43 am

Generate water, and energy, eliminate pollution, and cool the Earth,
all in one system!

The principle of operation is simple, and imitates Mother Nature...
the Sun heats the Earth, warming the air and water.  Warm air tends
to rise up and potentially release some of the water and heat it
A chimney concentrates and accelerates these actions, and forms a
strong draft in the process.  Wind turbines draw energy from the
draft and generate electric power.  Water condenses from the
rising air and is collected inside the chimney.  Descending water
also generates electric power.  The generated electric power
displaces consumption of fossil fuel, indirectly producing a
long-term reduction of global temperature.  Cloud streamers exit the
chimney top at a selected altitude, and produce locally an immediate
to mid-term cooling effect.  Many chimneys together provide direct
control over global temperature, and may effectively displace fossil
and nuclear fuel use.  No fuel is required, and no solar collector has
to be built; waste heat is rapidly radiated into space.

The basic idea was introduced by MIT's Prof Victor Starr
in 1971.  We recently (and independently) re-invented the idea, and
made refinements which (we believe) make it practical.

You can find Starr's original article and more information here:


Shawn McCaslin

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