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Tincanistan ,Used tin cans WILL cure global warming , in about ten years time , once the experts funding gets cut off

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Posted by kangarooistan1 on October 30, 2008, 11:11 pm
The public will sooner or later discover the cure to both global
warming and future food supply is Algae and the fish that eat algae ,
adding  tin cans does  increase the amount if carbon removed from the
air and increase the available fish basically for free

its far far too simple for the experts to discover , and there are
billions of dollars to be made by keeping the taxpayers  in the dark
and researching more expensive cures

there are many examples of ships sunk as artificial reefs
In September 2007, The MTA had approved a contract, worth over $
million, that would send more than 1,600 of its retired subway cars to
be used as artificial reefs.
Tin cans are simply mini " ships " , and are exactly the same
principle , If artificial reefs made from old battle ships are good
for fish , so are artificial reefs made from food grade used tin cans

try it yourself

its free , its safe , it works , you can do the tests ,anywhere , its
very cheap , global warming and food shortages could both be cured in
a few months , for almost nothing if the public saved their cans , and
trucks carrying the full tin cans out to supermarkets back loaded the
empty tin cans ,  and fishermen placed them on their fishing grounds
when going out fishing with empty boats

 "Tincanistan " everybody should gather all their used food grade
waste tin cans and add them all to the ocean a few hundred meters off
shore , or in wire cages a bit close if you want , start small and let
it prove itself in your site , you WILL very soon learn how best to
help nature save  your childrens future

Why not grow most of our food in the ocean , it has 97% of the earths

Why try and live off the 1  % that is available as fresh water and
waste the other 97%

why not simply add used tin cans to the sea and grow 10 times the
food  we could ever eat for free  ,  stop wasting the little fresh
water we  have growing grass to feed cows to make protein/ meat

the oceans have been starved of iron since we stopped the rivers from
naturally adding / fertilizing the oceans with dissolved iron like
nature planned when rivers flowed into the oceans carrying dissolved

We stopped iron fertilization by irrigation , water no longer carries
the dissolved iron to fertilize the oceans , that's why we can see
fish are now seen mostly where iron still reaches the oceans and fish
almost absent where no iron is found , its a direct indicator , iron
=algae= fish, tell me how much iron in the water,  and i will tell you
how many fish there are, more iron = more algae = more fish = more
carbon removed from atmosphere

we can fertilize the oceans with used tin cans basically for free

Once the public discover that all they need to do is add used food
grade tin cans  to the sea ,  it will grow enough algae to cure global
warming as  well as feed 100 billion people all at NIL extra cost to
the environment

Used tin cans will save the world , it only needs taxpayers to quickly
waste their money trying everything else first , they once they have
wasted all their money trying all the expensive hi tech pretty "sexy"
ideas , THEN they will eventually discover how easy it really is and
use the cheapest most basic method possible , global warming and food
shortages will both be cured by using waste food grade tin cans

in about 10 years time

1] Saltwater oceans hold 97% of surface water, glaciers and polar ice
caps 2.4%, and other land surface water such as rivers, lakes and
ponds 0.6%. Some of the Earth's water is contained within water
towers, biological bodies, manufactured products, and food stores.
Other water is trapped in ice caps, glaciers, aquifers, or in lakes,
sometimes providing fresh water for life on land.

You only need examine where iron run off enters the ocean to prove it
increases fish 100 fold

Port lincoln is Australias largest fishing fleet , wall to wall
millionaires working a few weeks a year

they get the run off from Whyalla iron works

The Colorado River enters the Gulf California and exactly as
predicted the iron rich waters create vast increse in fish that
decrease as irrigation increase  , [ colorado means red colour ]

Any test with tin cans  always increase fish 100 fold as the baby fish
live in and of the increased algae growth

It really is that simple , slow release iron fertilization and fish
nursery , / algae farm

: "Tincanistan " adding used tin cans to the sea will cure global
warming and feed the world for free on prawns and sea food ten times
over , all by simply adding used tin cans to the oceans as slow
release iron fertilizer and zooplankton nursery


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