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Posted by Darren Forward on October 7, 2003, 12:44 pm
Is ther a Uk version of this group



Posted by Jack on October 7, 2003, 6:57 pm
Darren Forward wrote:

go to Google Groups
and enter "uk solar energy"




Posted by News on October 14, 2003, 11:31 pm


So there isn't a UK version.  This group is fine.  Solar is solar wherever
you are and there are enough Brits here anyway.


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Posted by Chris.B on October 18, 2003, 9:42 pm

 I agree that one group is best as it maximises the knowledge base.
 Though the UK exists in a rather narrow northerly latitude band
compared with much of the USA. The UK is also considered rather
cloudier on average than many parts of the USA. (though obviously not
all) While the USA must inevitably have a much larger population in
sun rich areas. Suggesting greater demand for solar (and related)
products. With greater competition between manufacturers. Helping to
force product prices downwards and greatly expanding the availability
of many 'alternative' (niche) products that simply don't exist
 Though these northerly latitudes do not stop even the Scandinavians
being interested in solar energy. Many examples exist of commercial
domestic water heating solar panel systems here. Far more than I ever
saw in the UK. There are also grants/rebates available from central
government. Reducing the initial cost of commercially installed solar
hot water heating systems.


Posted by News on October 19, 2003, 11:20 pm


I wouldn't call the UKs latitude band narrow at all.  It is about 800 miles
from the Scillies to the Shetland Islands covering a decent latitude range.
The Scilly Islands never get frost, whereas the Shetland Islands are not far
from Norway.

Some people in this group are building solar systems in deserts and the
likes. Although interesting they can be dismissed to a point, yet many are
building in Canada and New England, which have climates approaching the UK.

The UK has not adopted solar en-mass because of the lengthy payback.  Fuel
is pretty cheap at the moment in the UK.  Deregulation means you can shop
around for the best gas and electricity deal.  The average per Kw of
electricity is approx 7p. I pay 3.01p by looking around.  A  hell of a drop.
Add extra insulation in the attic, double glazing, draught proof, install a
gas condensing boiler and good controls and zone upstairs and downstairs and
then shop around for the best fuel deal and heating bills drop quite
dramatically.  My sisters dropped by over 60%.

Few people think about reducing water bills, which can be more than heating
bills.  Popular with selfbuilders is water reclamation, taking water from
the roof and storing it in a very large tank under the garden.  The tank is
sized by how much roof area you have.  These tanks are now mandatory in new
houses in the BeNeLux countries.  This water is used to flush toilets and
water the garden, reducing bills quite considerably.  Some political people
recently predicted that water bills will rise 1/3 in the UK in the next 5
years, so water reclamation appears sensible too.  The water companies also
drop the water charge when you install reclamation tanks.


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