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Ways to Save Electricity at Home - Review of Earth4Energy

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Posted by Terrell Mccarthy on June 24, 2009, 7:44 am
Are you thinking of ways to save electricity at home? Most people use
more electric power than they really should and end up having to pay a
lot more money when their power bills arrive.
I remembered myself desperately looking for ways to cut down on my
house electricity consumption, and one of the best solutions I have
found and am still using today is by building my own homemade energy
system. This system that I learned how to build by reading the
Earth4Energy guide harnesses both solar and wind power to produce
1. How Are Solar and Wind Alternative Energy Used to Run a Home?
Energy from the sun can be harnessed by building solar panels on top
of roofs. Solar panels will be able to capture the sun's energy and
convert it to electric power for home use like drying of clothes and
running of appliances.
With this system, I only draw electricity from the grid when there is
not enough sun energy to for my solar panels to generate sufficient
electricity. Other homeowners have reported that their system
consistently generates enough electric power to run their house.
Wind energy, on the other hand, is harnessed by building turbines.
They capture wind's kinetic energy to convert it to electricity.
2. Review Earth4Energy Manual
Earth4Energy is a Do It Yourself instructional manual that teaches its
readers how to build their own solar and windmill energy systems to
run their homes. The step by step instructions in the guide are
accompanied by illustrations, making the whole construction process
very easy to understand and carry out.

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