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We're running a contest called SopoApps and need to get participation up - any suggestions?

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Posted by Darren T. Kimura on September 8, 2008, 12:14 pm
To all Solar Enthusiasts,

We're running a solar thermal application design contest called
SopoApps 2008.  The idea is to get engineers to develop basic
templates using MicroCSP technologies.   I'm trying to get as many
engineers to participate as possible and was wondering if anyone here
has a good suggestion to do this.  We're already offering $,000 cash
prize in 10 different categories so there's a financial incentive to

The contest itself is relatively easy to participate in.  Simply go to
the website www.sopoapps.org and register.  Then load up a basic scope
of work document, basic 1 line drawing of the design and any material
list required.

My goal is to get participation into the thousands and your thoughts
on how to do this is welcomed!


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