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Posted by Steve Shantz on July 30, 2006, 2:50 am

AstickfortheMULE wrote:

The PEX and all fittings are from Menards (local big name building
supply).  The label on the PEX is CPI Dura-B PEX.  Every once in a
while they have the reflectix and PEX on sale, so I bought them both
for a pretty good price.

The aluminum plates were bought direct from All Foils Inc.
(www.allfoils.com).  I bought the plates unformed, and built a simple
jig to press the shape into the plates, using a mallet and a home-made
die (made out of 2 x 4's).  Works just great.  I just have to remember
that each swing of the mallet saves me about 10 - 20 cents!  If you
tell them you need plates for staple up radiant heat, they will know
what to send you.  I think it was 8" x 16" x 0.012", untempered.

By the way, I live in North-Central Indiana, if that is of any
interest.  Sometimes that is nice to know when evaluating a design.


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