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Posted by dold on August 10, 2006, 9:40 pm

I tend not to go to sleep at 4:30pm in the winter time.

So there are PV panels in other places, just not on your house.
That seems pointless.  

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley Lake, CA, USA  GPS: 38.8,-122.5

Posted by David L. Jones on August 15, 2006, 6:09 am
dold@XReXXWhere.usenet.us.com wrote:

Why is it pointless?
I use xxxKW/h energy per year, why does it matter if this energy comes
from solar cells on top of my house or from some somewhere else?

Any decent home PV system will be connected back to the grid so
everyone can share.

Here in Australia the payback period for a full home PV system is
measured in dozens of years, if ever. Yet for an extra 5 cents per KW/h
I am guaranteed use of someone elses via the existing grid. Which would
you chosse?

Dave :)

Posted by dold on August 15, 2006, 6:01 pm
It seemed a misleading argument. "use 100% solar, no need for solar cells"

I think there might have been a missing "t", where you said solar plans,
but meant solar plants.

The sun is shining on my house.  Locating the panels there reduces whatever
line loss there might be, and, in large scale, might reduce infrastructure
size.  If half the houses on a block had solar, they would be feeding
energy to their neighbors, and the transmission lines into the neighborhood
would not need to be so large.  That was part of the design of a solar
enhanced housing subdivision in Sacramento.  Everybody had solar DWH and PV
panels as the houses were being built.

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley Lake, CA, USA  GPS: 38.8,-122.5

Posted by David L. Jones on August 15, 2006, 11:42 pm
 dold@XReXXWhere.usenet.us.com wrote:

No, I meant "plans". Some energy companies in Australia offer a home
electricity plan that guarantees that 100% of the energy you use will
be resupplied to the grid from Solar Cell infrastructure.
Now if *everyone* switched to this plan, they would be forced to build
the solar plant infrastructure to support it, and bye-bye fossil fuel

Sure, you'll get no argument from me on this point.
What I'm arguing is that in Australia it's much cheaper to simply
switch to a "Green" solar energy plan than it is to install your own PV
system. You can sleep just as well at night knowing that your energy is
being effectively supplied by a PV system somewhere.
The copper is already in place so that doesn't really come into it.

Dave :)

Posted by Anthony Matonak on August 16, 2006, 12:59 am
 David L. Jones wrote:

Enron started out doing this. As I recall, they didn't actually live
up to their promises. I think they just kept the money and sold their
customers marked-up regular electricity.


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