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Your Refrigerator, Thermal Mass Fridges and Sutainability

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Posted by earthship on February 17, 2009, 7:52 am
Heres a more unique idea though: design your house to make use of the
coolth (cold temperatures outside) in the winter and pipe it in=
your refrigerator during that winter days and cool evenings in summer.

Some Earthships feature Thermal Mass Refrigerators that do exactly
that. They are lined inside with a layer of alcohol which holds the
temperature better than if it were just lined with insulation. The
plans are featured in Earthship Volume III: Evolution Beyond
Economics by Michael Reynolds. But you dont need an Earthship to
have onejust dont alter your rental unless your landlords give the
OK. :)

Earthships: I interned in Taos at their main site for about a week or
so. Earthships are supercharged sustainability buildings: cheap to
build, make your own food/water/power and process your wastes in one
place. Mr. Reynolds team is doing some wild stuff around the world
now  including New Orleans  building demo-housing that is hurrican=
proof. Definitely worth a read. And as for potential internspounding
soil into tires is, surprisingly, fun.


Posted by Cosmopolite on February 18, 2009, 12:05 am
earthship wrote:

     Don't know if I want to pipe -40 deg air into my fridge, better to
build a well insulated " cold cabinet " on top of the fridge, place 2
ltr. pop ( soda ) bottles ouside to freeze and place them into the cold
cabinet, with convection ducts connected to the fridge. Keeps mice out too.

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