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Posted by markkate on February 2, 2008, 4:24 pm
thanks to all who have replied; And thanks Gary, for making the effort
to share your work.
The building regulations are incredibly strict here; I can't even
change the color of my door or add rain gutters! I can get permission
for roof mounted collectors, but that's the limit. no greenhouses or
wall mount air boxes, no new south facing windows.
This might sound draconian, but we choose to buy in the area because
of these very restrictions; coastal areas in southern Europe are being
over developed at a fast rate, and we don't want our country view
changed to "side of apartment block".

Your solar shed is pretty close to what I've come up with; as far as I
can figure, at the moment it will be cheaper to buy "solar strips"
from bonded aluminum/copper, than to fabricate all copper tube/plate
collectors. And they're already coated too! but I've only found a
retail supplier in Canada so far [Your link to "sources" is not
An idea for vent control; bi-metal strip that lifts a flap at around
that temperature. I have used coils from old Chrysler heat risers for
similar purposes.
Neils; thanks for the useful link. Sociedade Portuguesa De energia
solar doesn't sell them, but I'll be checking whether I'm better off
sourcing from Denmark than Canada.
I'll be looking through all the links provided and doing my sums.
I have seen Kris's collector page already; unfortunately, he doesn't
mention build/material costs or reply to email. Some good ideas
Regards, Mark Holden

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