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Posted by Solar Flare on February 5, 2006, 3:51 am
Isn't that a little naive?

It sounds like you have, not only a building. but TV's
(as stated) and many personal possesions, energy
equipment and hobby items???

Now I realize that Canucks and Brits (apparently) are
insurance poor but who pays for your child that needs
24 hr/day nursing care in a burn unit for 6 months or
compensates him for the toes and 1.5 arms lost in the

I know you do a lot of interesting "Wacky" things but
inspections and rules followed usually allow for most
of this stuff, if done properly, once you bring it into
the living quarters. I know you, and most, do some
freakish stuff but once brought into the home it is
usally "cleaned up" to code and common sense.

were), there would be

insurance. I no longer

projects and have

burn down (not

"code"), I'd just

gambling. I could

years of premiums.

Posted by DJ on February 5, 2006, 4:30 am

Solar Flare wrote:

Curious. What do you mean by "insurance poor"?  

Posted by Solar Flare on February 5, 2006, 5:01 am
 "Poor" very little money to spend
"Insurance" a system of socialism administrated by a
business with a money reqource to reimburse subscribers
for incidental damages or losses as stated by an

"Insurance poor" term commonly used to exemplify the
concept of spending too much money on insurance to be
financially secure in the advent of a mishap.

Posted by Steve Spence on February 5, 2006, 2:44 pm
 Solar Flare wrote:

Insurance is a form of gambling. You are gambling you'll have a claim
(and you get to make your firends and neighbors pay for your misfortune),
the insurance company is gambling you won't. The house (insurance
company) always wins. Where we live folks pull together to help out
those who suffer misfortune.

Steve Spence
Dir., Green Trust, http://www.green-trust.org
Contributing Editor, http://www.off-grid.net

Posted by Solar Flare on February 5, 2006, 6:22 am
 I don't belong to any Christian religious cult though
and I never will. This sounds good in theory but has
proven many problems in this area when disasters
actually strike. But then things are a changin'. They
change their black ones for large engine sports cars at
the edge of town.


you'll have a claim

for your misfortune),

house (insurance

together to help out

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