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combined domestic, hydronic and forced air from solar water heater?

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Posted by truckee rider on March 26, 2007, 12:55 am
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has built this or thinks it's feasible.
My current setup is a Takagi demand heater for hot water, a 2nd Takagi
to heat a glycol loop in the basement slab, and a forced air furnace
to heat the rest of the house.

I'd like to add solar hot water panels and get as much use out of them
as possible.  My ideal would be to replace the old forced air furnace
with a hydro-air type air handler.  I'd like to use the solar water
then to do 3 things:
-preheat/heat the domestic hot water (with backup Takagi 1)
-heat the glycol loop for the hydronic/slab heat (with backup Takagi
-heat the loop for the air handler (using one of the existing Takagi's
to boost to the correct temp)

Any input?  Has this sort of combined hydronic, forced-air, domestic
HW system been done a lot?

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