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condensing in Sahara

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Posted by jukka matikainen on June 27, 2007, 8:29 pm
What about making huge poles in Sahara to condense water from air to be
gathered inside  the pole?

Posted by Trygve Lillefosse on June 28, 2007, 9:08 am
On Wed, 27 Jun 2007 20:29:58 GMT, "jukka matikainen"

May work, guess it depends on the design, and what humidity levels
there are at night.

Have seen (on tv) more like a mesh, witch collected water for local
use, but then again, that was close to the sea, and there were fog
comming in most days.

A more technical (and expensive) solution, would be to have a set of
solar panels that charge some batteries, witch in turn drives a
heatpump at night, with collection of the condensed water.

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Trygve Lillefosse
AKA - Malawi, The Fisher King

Posted by nicksanspam on June 28, 2007, 11:33 am
It might be simpler and cheaper to make the "pole" walls transparent
and fill the pole with Tyvek desiccant clay bags like this:

http://www.uline.com/ProductDetail.asp?model=S-1606&ref 06

on wire shelves and close a door at the top of the pole during the day
while the sun distills water out of the bags and open the door at night
to let the bags cool and absorb water from night air that flows into
the pole through a hole at the bottom. Height helps more air flow with
faster cooling and more absorption (up to 28% of the clay weight.)

We might easily unbalance and close a door when the sun shines using
a Zomeworks "Teeter-totter," in which the sun expands air in a jar (1)
and the air moves through a tube into the top of another jar (2) partly
filled with water, pushing water up through a tube below the waterline
into a tube that terminates below the waterline in a third jar (3),
like this, viewed in a fixed font:

    -------->------   ------->------
   |       air     | |     water    |
 -----            -----            -----
|     |          | | | |          | |   |
| air |          |air| |          | |air|
|     |          |   | |          | |   |
|     |          |~~~|~|          |~|~~~|
|     |          |   | |          | |   |
|     |          |   | |          | |   |
|     |          |   | |          | |   |
|     |          |     |          |     |
 -----            -----            -----
 Jar 1            Jar 2            Jar 3


Posted by Anthony Matonak on June 28, 2007, 10:42 am
 jukka matikainen wrote:

I have no idea how this would work. Perhaps I don't have enough details
of your design. Would you care to elaborate and tell us how a pole is
going to condense water from the air?

I would think that it would be easier to remove the salt from sea water.
We have oceans full so finding it isn't difficult.


Posted by no spam on June 28, 2007, 12:44 pm
Many years ago didn't some islands have large solar stills set up for water?
I seem to recall reading and seeing pics of such a thing.  A simple set up
with a plastic(?) film arches over sea water in trenches.  The condensation
rolled down the film into a collection system which used gravity to send it
to a main storage area where it was pumped into an elevated storage tank.
IIRC, this was in use around the WWII time frame, before or after I can not

Anyone else remember such a thing?  Maybe my mind is just going. . .Now what
was it we were talking about . ..

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