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conduction heat loss from unused brick chimney quest...

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Posted by rob on December 29, 2004, 12:23 pm
Thanks for the reply.....Here in New Brunswick a Kwh is abourt $.10
taxes (15%) included but...our gommint owned electrical utility has a
nuke plant that is nearing the "turn it off" or spend a gazzilion
dollars refurbishing and they just spent a few million building
infrastructure to burn "bitumen" (a water and oil mixture) from
Venezula (missed that spelling class) without a signed contract...and
guess what..after upper management of utility went on road trip down
there to get signatures they quietly retired with nice pension and
taxpayer stuck...would not be surprized to see elec rates increase by
30+% over next 5 yrs...go solar.....

3 Kwh per day doesnt sound like alot but removing chimney  is a
relatively simple (not nessisarily easy) and permanent fix..

Thanks again

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