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heat storage

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Posted by kirk on February 5, 2005, 5:55 pm
nice day 45n -7 at 8 am,sun up at 740,solar heater fans on at 843,
uv1.8 best yet. I will explain as best I can,collector is pointed 1hr
east of solar hi noon,it is shaded by tall building at 2pm from about
mid sept. Now the sun is back full on them at 4pm,wont start blower
again,shaded when most needed,that is why 1hr east.
  From the plenum ,one 3in pipe goes to water heater with back draft
damper,one 6in pipe goes into top of old flue that once serviced 4
fireplaces,air exits 3 floors down from enlarged ash clean out,back
draft damper in plenium. One 6in pipe leaves plenium travels down
flue,surrounded by solar air from other pipe at top of flue.The pipe
then continues on down one more floor to storage room where it is
attached to squirl cage fan,no back draft damper.
 My thought was pipe inside flue would act as heat exchanger as cool
air traveled down at night pushing heat out of storage and drawing
heat from flue.
 flue and storage more receptive in am to solar heat..Flue is about
center of house.. DO Ineed BDD?in this pipe,if so where? welcome all
respones,ideas thoughts. Thanks for all the help.


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