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Posted by phorbin on February 1, 2010, 6:05 pm

Ub... 45 degrees N here (SW Ontario) which isn't too far North of the
Northernmost tip of California.

I can tell you that 2 moderately sized trees on our western exposure
make a significant difference winter and summper for heat and cooling
respectively. In the former case, the trees serve as a bit of a
windbreak. In the latter, they shade our western wall and windows
through the afternoon and evening.

For summer, the strategy as I see it is to get as much shade and
shielding as you can on your worst exposures. You don't need to shade
the whole roof to see significant heat moderation indoors.

With venting the day's heat to the night and heat exclusion during the
day we can get a difference of as much as 10 degrees C. cooler indoors
than out through the day without air conditioning.

Posted by daestrom on February 5, 2010, 12:14 am
Josepi wrote:

What, you live in the tropics?

Even on the summer equinox, the sun is only at its highest point for an
instant.  I have trees on the southern side of my house and they provide
substantial shade in the summer.  Do they shade my entire roof?  Of
course not.

But they do shade the southern walls and windows, and my west-facing

Or does the sun stay perpetually at one point in the sky in your world?
  For most of us, the sun traces a nice arc across the sky that is very
predictable and shines on more than just the roof of our homes.

(43 degrees North latitude)

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