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Posted by nicholas on August 7, 2006, 9:05 pm

Here's where I want to get...

I want to build something like this...


but have it as simple to plumb in and use as this...


(look at the picture at the bottom for the solartwin installation)

Above all it's got to be simple to install.

I'm in an area where there is some winter freezing (simple way to deal
with that?  simple drain back?)....AND possible overheating in summer
(another simple way to deal with that? feed in mains water? a heat leak?).

Asking too much?  I'm sure I am.  Better minds than mine have considered
this for more time than I have I know...it's bugging me though as I'm
sure that there must be a way...

Oh, and I want a payback from the system in less than three years...hahaha



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