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Posted by Nick Pine on November 26, 2003, 4:40 pm

Hmmm. I wonder if it's out of print. Maybe it's time for a new edition.
I'm thinking of writing a book. Meanwhilst, I'd be happy to sell a nice
new 2002 877 page 2nd edition of Heating and Cooling of Buildings--Design
for Efficiency by Kreider and Rabl for $00, with its CD-ROM, vs $20 list.
This is a good basic book for solar house heating, and more.

How about Atlas Energy-Shield double foil "R7.2" polyiso board,
at $1/4x8x1" sheet? It's easy to cut and kerf, and you can cover
the upper/outer side with a layer of greenhouse poly film to make it
waterproof. If you whitewash the poly, it should last almost forever.


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