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motorola cell phones and child molestation in the bay area, ca

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Posted by absolute nothing on November 12, 2007, 9:09 am

motorola cell phones and child molestation in the bay area, ca eeuu


it may or may not be included in the words your children or you use
but thats what is insinuated

the extra gadgets/ contraptions that come with your marked down cell
phone. all you have to do is talk on vibrated cue

do you guys realize the things he vibrates into your childrens ears
make them cry or yell on cue.

do you realize what he /they keep insinuating through them when its
not in the picture  at all

he keeps bringing it back over and over through them, your children
or you, the motorola cellphone service tel owner, into the picture

motorola even has the children comply to their experience

if on cue the children yell 'yeah', 'yes' what could they be vibrating
in theyre skin to make them cry.  because they also cry on cue!

so your allowing them this man/ these men to molest your children in
order to get a 200. tel for 10.

if customers get bored and dont want to do the talking on cue
then he turns it around and has other motorola cell phone owners annd
or family insinuate molesting details to that person

the people are then too scared to complain

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