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Posted by Boner the Cat on March 5, 2004, 3:09 pm
Hi all,

what is the compression volume of air.  I.e. if I have 5 cubic feet of air
at sea level and I compress the chamber to say 30 psi, what volume do I have
left. 60 psi??

I need to make a spread sheet so I can calculate several different volumes
and compressions.

I have a water well and I want to use a couple old hot water heaters to make
both a surge tank and extra storage tanks all rolled into one.  I will
operate the pump on the 50/60 psi switch so want lots of surge.  The more
surge tank the better with a submersible. ( flotec 3/4 hp)

I can have unlimited tanks. (well up to 5-8 tanks)


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