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Posted by News on August 14, 2006, 8:17 pm


Look at St. George's Hall in Liverpool.  Believed to the worlds first
air-conned building in the 1850s.

Posted by zoe_lithoi on September 1, 2006, 5:41 am
Is the climate 'dry'? --- if so, the evaporative cooling methods will

Is the climate 'humid'? --- if so, evaporative cooling methods won't
work. Try condensative  methods.

passive evaporative method

A passive evaporative method would use cooling towers and solar
chimneys. I've done this. You really don't need a cooling tower, you
can just have a 'window' with a mister in it. As the air gets pulled
into the window, it hits the mist, evaporates, and cools. You can also
put a swamp cooler pad in the window.

The solar chimney is easy to make. Just make a 'chimney out of a 2x4
frame, a painted black board or metal siding on 1 side, and clear
glazing on the other 3 sides. Face it south. as the sun heats up the
air in the chimney, it rises and the air flows from the bottom (which
is ducted into your house) to the top.

A passive condensative method.

Have an underground water tank. Keep it dark.  At the bottom of the
water tank place a sealed, air tight 'air box' with a sump pump in it.
This air-tight box has an inlet and outlet for a 4inch diameter pipe.
The 4inch pipe hooked to this inlet, is as long as you can get it
before it leaves the water to your house.. The outlet pipe should be as
short as possible, before it goes to your house. Have a fan suck air
through a 4inch pipe.

The water cools the pipe which in turns cools the air . In turn, the
vapor in the air condenses out, taking the heat with it. The water
drains into the 'air box', where it gets pumped out via the sump pump.

You might have to worry about mold, but if it's dark, I don't think so.


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