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pool heating sunny climate.

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Posted by Jan on October 1, 2003, 9:26 am
I live in Tenerife where we have sunshine nearly year-round.
I am experimenting with the following to heat my small pool. (5M
diameter)Around a standard sized door I built a frame of about 10 cm
high and put black binliners on the inside of this.(would it be better
to use tinfoil to reflect iso absorb maybe?) Then I put a 20 m long
black`plastic irrigation pipe coiled in an oval way on top of this and
covered the lot with glass plates.
The result is a bit dissapointing, the water that comes out is only
slightly warmer then the ingoing.
Can someone give me tips on how to improve my "design" ? Does the
construction have to be hermeticaly sealed? (there are some small gaps
at the moment)etc etc
Any suggestions more then welcome.
Kind regards


Posted by Jack on October 1, 2003, 11:14 am
Jan wrote:

No problem Jan.
Just invite me to Tenerife and I will fix your problem for free.


Posted by Joe Fischer on October 1, 2003, 6:42 pm
 On 1 Oct 2003 02:26:02 -0700, tenerifehere@hotmail.com (Jan) wrote:

          The outlet temperature doesn't matter as long as it
is higher than the water in the pool.   In fact, the lower'the
temperature difference, the more efficient it is.
          The theoretical maximum BTU per hour is about
3000 per square meter, and the heat loss of the pool water
rises as the temperature rises.
          Chances are the only way to get more heat is to
have a collector with more area.
          The temperature of the water leaving the collector
can be raised by slowing the flow, but that will only make
it less efficient.

Joe Fischer

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