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solar pool heating pump size

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Posted by ShawnW on September 21, 2004, 4:49 am
I've searched and can't seem to find out,

I have around a 20-24k gallon pool, 15 year old metal collectors on the  
roof, a good bit of them,
maybe 6-8 (can't remember off the top of my head) its about a 10 foot run  
to the roof then
I dunno...another 20 or so to the collector entrance. Anyways...when I was  
redoing the pool the pool people put in a 1 1/2 hp ultraflow pentair, the  
lines are 1.5 to the pool, 2" to and from the collectors and around the  
pumps, filter, etc.

Theres 2 return lines, 1 Ys off to an outlet on the other size...around 30  
feet or so. The other Ys off to the far side 2 outlets also.

With a new cartridge filter the filter indicates a good 20-25 maybe to 29  
psi depending on if the collector is open or not, its higher when the  
collector vavle is off. and theres damn good flow in the pool!

I'm beginning to worry this is way too much?? Obviously I burn some $$$,  
I'm wondering if a 2/4 would do it or a 1hp or should I stick with a 1  
1/2. I think the 15 year old pump was a 1.5hp but obviously they've gotten  
alot more efficient since then I'd imagine.

anyone with any experience on this? Is that kind of pressure normal? I  
know the filter is rated to something like 60psi.


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