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solar trough for small steam generation

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Posted by Boner the Cat on April 13, 2004, 5:28 pm

I would like to make a small solar trough that will take water up to a steam
state.   it needs to make several gallons of distilled water.

I have lots small mirrors...can make then from 1" to 3-4 inch mirrors.

any ideas.


ps: I would like to have at least one axis tracking and the other manually
set.  I live in citrus county Florida

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Posted by CraigNels on June 3, 2004, 5:17 am
Another idea would be to use non imaging optics instead of a parabolic shape.
Then align the trough east west and you won't need a tracker.

For a collector, a single evacuated tube collector would be ideal.  Pehaps you
could get a replacement tube from somewhere like focus solar or sunda.  (don't
use the heat pipe type)  Since you are only distilling water, pressure would
not be an issue.

Posted by Duane C. Johnson on June 4, 2004, 1:20 am
 Hi Craig;

Sure, their based on CPC, Compound Parabolic Concentrators,
by Roland Winston and others.

Well not "ideal". These are a compromise. They are limited to
an acceptance angle of 55deg, or +- 28deg, in their example.
Plus the cosine limit.

A tracked parabolic concentrator has none of these limitations.

Of course the parabolic concentrator doesn't accept diffuse
radiation but this is generally only 20% or so.

The NREL web site will make it clear what the advantages of
tracking would be at your location.

There aren't many locations where tracking systems are at a
disadvantage to non tracking. The west coast is one of these

You could use one of these as the line focus receiver in a
tracked parabolic concentrator though.


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